Dedicated Customer Service


Call Handling

Answering inbound customer traffic is still a vital part of customer acquisition and retention for any modern day business and getting this right first time is vital. Consumer Links has invested in globally leading telephony solutions and infrastructure with multiple failover and data protection. We can provide customized IVR’s that will allow clever voice routing to ensure your customer speaks to the right person first time.

All calls are recorded and archived ensuring there is a voice log of every single conversation we have on your behalf. Utilising our technology we give every customer full administration access to our telephony platform for real time monitoring and performance management.

Coupled with great technology are our people. They are great too! Our staff are skilled in the art of conversation and are trained in both sales and customer service skills.

We never forget when handling calls on behalf of a customer that we often act as the first point of contact that a customer may have with your organization and we take responsibility and ownership seriously.


Here at Consumer Links we respond to many thousands of emails weekly on behalf of our clients and we ensure our staff follow email etiquette when responding to customers. This etiquette includes:

• Following standard rules of grammar, punctuation and capitalisation – misspellings and poor grammar reflect badly on any business so part of our recruitment process is to ensure our employees have superb written skills.
• We use a professional but conversational tone avoiding abbreviations unless we know the customer will understand them.
• We keep messages brief and easy to read, leading with the most important information first.
• We respond promptly and within service level criteria as nothing outrages a customer more than waiting too long for a response.


Online chat is quickly becoming a preferred method of contact for customers both existing and new. Not everyone wants to pick up the phone and talk. Here at Consumer Links we offer an unrivalled twenty-four hour service in which we can respond to your customers needs.
Our web chat service can be applied in numerous ways helping you to increase sales, reduce revenue loss, and provide information, advice and online support in an unobtrusive and professional manner.

Services also Include:

• Media Response and Direct Response Management
• Order Handling and Processing
• Information Request Lines
• Switchboard
• Inbound Sales
• Helpdesk Support
• HR Recruitment and Absence Management
• Charitable Donation Lines
• Overspill and Out of Hours Call Handling
• Whistle-Blowing Services
• Email and Internet Response
• 24/7 Emergency Response
• Disaster Recovery

Outbound Sales B2C

A number of businesses have become somewhat cautionary of outbound sales due to unscrupulous businesses trying to make quick wins by ignoring OFCOM and ICO Requirements. It can still play a big part in your customer service strategy if done correctly. Consumer Links has many years of experience in this field and can help your business make big strides in a very short period of time.

The important steps to a successful campaign and providing a good ROI are:

• Accurate prospecting and quality of data is critical to the success or otherwise of any customer communication strategy. A hit and hope strategy will not and does not work.
• Remember that warm prospecting will always deliver greater returns than pure cold calling, so if you have an existing database of clients then this is always a good place to start. Conversion rates are always much higher when there is an existing relationship or affinity partnership in place.
• Ensure your product or service is well targeted to the consumer profile. There is absolutely no point in contacting people who are likely to have little requirement or need for your products or services.
• Allocate suitable time in preparing your approach and communication strategy. Who are you targeting, why are you targeting them, and what are the key unique selling points that will help hook the customer?
• Make sure your team are well trained. Remember good telemarketers listen more than they speak, never talk over the customer and should display a high level of professionalism at all times.
• Performance manage your team. This is one of the most important aspects, because outbound agents can be notoriously difficult to manage and motivate, especially if they are to stay focused and achieve results.

Outsource your telemarketing to Consumer Links and see the difference we can make.

Outbound Sales B2B

As business has become more competitive, it is more important than ever to keep a healthy pipeline of new prospects and a continuous stream of sales. Sales are the lifeblood of every company and a lack of sales will ultimately lead to failure. Traditional routes to market and direct response advertising and marketing have become more expensive and less productive, and companies are typically finding it more difficult to generate new revenue streams. With this in mind, organisations are needing to work smarter and be more innovative in the way they prospect for new business.

Here at Consumer Links we have the skills and desire to deliver a market leading service to our customers whether a short term or long term strategy.

We don’t just do telesales for businesses we are also well versed in the below services:

• Appointment Setting
• Direct Sales
• Lead Generation
• Cross Selling and Up-selling
• Welcome Calls
• Customer Lifecycle Calling
• Product Recall
• Market Research
• Data Cleansing, Data Mining and Enhancement
• Database Building
• Conference and Seminar Booking






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